Anton Köhl (1818-†1843) - butcher

When Anton's father, master butcher Peter Köhl, died, he was only 7 years old. His mother, Catherina Büsch-Köhl, later became pregnant again and gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Catharina Köhl, in 1829. She seems not to have married again.

Anton could therefore have grown up in the orphanage. But there are no entries of the poor commission Chur. He learned the same trade as his father and worked as a butcher, was admitted to the shoemakers guild in 1838[1]. He does not seem to have paid taxes in Chur.

On 26.9.1842, Anton was 24 years old, his son Peter Köhl was born. However, there was no marriage recorded with his mother Luzia Meier. In the civil register it is noted that Peter is a child out of wedlock, he is therefore a conditional citizen of Chur and should receive full civil rights only in 1862[2].

Anton died of pneumonia on August 5, 1843, at the age of only 25. After his death, Antons mother asked the Poor Commission of Chur for support because she could not pay the funeral expenses for her son Anton herself[3]. Anton did not seem to have any assets.

Luzia Meier married the shoemaker and merchant Johannes (John) Nepomuck Merz around 1855, perhaps earlier[2].

Wife: None
Children: 1
Profession: Butcher
Guild: Shoemaker's guild


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