Antoni Köhl (1678-†1748) - tanner in Araschgen

Antoni may have been the first and only son of Peter Köhl and Madlena Bernett. Either the mother died at birth or the mother left the family. Evidence for a marriage could not be found so far. However, Antoni probably grew up with his father and was part of his family. His stepmother was therefore Ursula Schwarz.

With his wife Anna Schett from Malix Antoni had 7 children. Many of the baptismal witnesses of his children came from the family of the mayor Köhl. Antoni worked as a tanner and had his own tannery. He lived in Araschgen and also ran his tannery there.

According to the tax books, in 1733 Antoni owned a house and a tannery in Araschgen and a piece of land in Malix. Araschgen is also given as the residence of his son Peter.

Children of Antoni Köhl

  1. Madlena Köhl (1700-†) married a Hans Fleisch and had 5 children with him
  2. Catharina Köhl (1702-†)
  3. Peter Köhl (1704-†1777) became a blacksmith, so does not appear to have worked in the tannery. He did join the shoemaker's guild, but later switched to the blacksmith's guild.
  4. Maria Köhl (1707-†) married in 1735 a Johannes Brunoldt von Peist
  5. Friedrich Köhl (1709-†1771). In 1736 he was accused of not keeping a marriage vow. He then married Andustig Eva in 1737 and had 6 children with her. In 1755 he is Corporal of the city guard of Chur, then in 1751 and 1778 he is mentioned as well master. His son, glazier Christian Köhl, became famous as an actor in the Chur masquerade. With his son Bernhard Köhl, the line of men died out in 1823.
  6. Margreth Köhl (1713-†)
  7. Antoni Köhl (1718-†1789 (71) was a member of the shoemakers' guild, but there is no indication that he worked as a tanner.

Wife: Anna Schett
Children: 7
Occupation: Tanner
Guild: shoemaker guild

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