Arnold Köhl (1564-†~1630) - Obristrichter

Arnold Köhl also belonged to the first generation of Köhlen born in Chur. He was naturalized in Chur together with his father in 1564[4]. Arnold was a member of the Pfister guild, so he was probably a cloth merchant or tailor. However, he did not hold any higher offices in the guilds or city administration, and is only listed as a wine measurer in 1641.

He is mentioned in a letter from the city of Chur in 1608 and is referred to as "our beloved fellow citizen Master Arnold Köhl"[11]. He had lent money and demanded this back from his debtor. As a citizen and guild member with his own business, he was also assigned minor functions in the administration. In 1620, during Die Bünder Wirren (1618 to 1639), he is named on a document[12] as Oberstrichter (judge in higher instance, in the military also interrogator of a criminal court) of a Chur Fähnlein.

Arnold Köhl had 2 sons with descendants:

  1. Peter Köhl (1595-†1674) - Gatekeeper at the Metzgtürli
  2. Köhl Joseph (~1600-†1647)

The couple may have had other children. However, the baptismal records between 1596-1610 are missing. From 1609 on, no more baptisms were recorded for Arnold Köhl.

His son Joseph Köhl married Barbara Prixin (~1600-†1658) around 1624 and had 9 children with her, 6 daughters and 3 sons. Two sons died at age 23 and 29 and had no descendants. No records could be found of the third son. The man line probably died out in 1660.

Joseph's wife Barbara Prixin also came from an immigrant family who had come to Chur at about the same time as the Köhls. The Prixins owned a house on Metzgerplatz in which the Prixins, but also Joseph and Barbara and their children lived. More information can be found here: Prixinengasse. In 1646 the house probably became too small for the large family. He sold his part of the house to his brother Peter Köhl and bought an apartment on Reichsgasse. After his death, his widow became excessively indebted and had to give up the apartment. Her creditors then sold this to Bernhard von Köhl (1624-†1700).[13] This house was later to become his residence.

Impressum und rechtliche Hinweise

Wife: unknown
Children: At least 2 sons
Occupation: Cloth merchant
Guild: Pfisterzunft

Ancestor line

  1. Julius de Rogister
  2. Arnold Köl


1620-Arnold Köhl A I_5.013.jpg

Pass for Obrister Richter Köhl Arnold, 18.9.162 (StAC, A I/5.013)


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