Bernhard Köhl (1742-†) - the soldier

Son of head guild master Bernhard von Köhl (1693-†1762) and brother of commander Sebastian von Köhl (1734-†1781).

Bernhard's mother died when he was 16 years old. He is listed in some criminal records after that: in 1765 he was involved in the investigation of an indiscretion related to the vote on the fives of the syndicate in the council. He was also called in as a witness to a brawl between the Killias brothers. And in 1766 he was sentenced by the Chur city court to a fine of 25 pounds for denial, gross conduct and fornication with one Elisabeth Gadient[59]. He enlisted as a soldier with the Swiss troops in 1766. Chur mercenaries...

As a result of the French Revolution of 1789, the Swiss National Assembly dismissed all Swiss troops in March 1792 and the Tagsatzung recalled all 11 permanent regiments. In a discharge document (congé militaire) of the Swiss Regiment de Vigier in French service, dated 20.09.1792, the non-commissioned officer Bernhard Köhl from Chur is dismissed from service. The rank given is Corporal Sergant (Oberfeldwebel) and Sergant Major (Oberstabsfeldwebel). The certificate was signed in Strasbourg by company commander Blumenthal. So at the age of 50 he was discharged from military service after 26 years. Bernhard Köhl never returned to Chur, seems never to have married, nothing is known about descendants.

Bernhard probably remained in France. Then in Strasbourg in 1796 he became the father of an illegitimate son named Bernard. 3 years later he married the mother of the child, Anne Rose Cligny. But this marriage did not last long either. Bernhard returned to Chur in 1797. His ex-wife gave birth to another illegitimate child shortly after and then married its father. How Bernard Köhl fared is not known. Bernhard joined the Chur troops after his return and fought against the Helvetic troops in 1798/99. The Chur troops were defeated and Bernhard was taken prisoner together with some of his brothers. After that his trace is lost.

Impressum und rechtliche Hinweise

Wife: Margreth Krättli, divorced. Anne Rose Cligny, divorced.
Children: 1
Profession: Soldier, Sergeant Major
Guild: None


Discharge document of the Regiment de Vigier in franz. Diensten for Bernhard Köhl (StAGR B/N 924/78)


59: Kindsmord in Chur oder doch nur unzüchtiger Lebenswandel?, Ursula Jecklin, 2020,

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