Christian Köhl (1746-†~1818) - the troublemaker

At the same time, another Christian Köhl lived in Chur. He was the son of the Chur fountain master Köhl Friedrich and descended from the line of the master tanner Köhl Antoni. Christian was apprenticed to his father and joined the blacksmith guild in 1780. In contrast to the constable Chrisitian Köhl, glazier Christian Köhl attracted attention several times due to his anti-French attitude and his penchant for wine.

He often came into conflict with the law: In 1797 he was questioned by the Siebner court of Chur together with the fashion tailor Christian Scherich about the planned hunter corps (mounted soldiers)[1]. He was also interrogated by the Siebner court because he had appeared with a Stutzer rifle in the coffee shop of Thöny Jan. Shortly afterwards he was wounded and imprisoned in the town hall[2].

At the beginning of 1799, a paternity suit was also pending against him, alleging that he had impregnated a maid. He seemed to have left Chur and was arrested in Bellinzona. Shortly thereafter he angered the city authorities as the initiator of the Chur masquerade[3]. He had to stand trial for this, but fled Chur beforehand. He was sentenced in absentia and expelled from the country under threat of the death penalty[4]. He never returned to Chur.

Wife: none
Children: 0
Profession: glazier
Guild: Blacksmith guild

Anchestor linie

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