Chur city fires of 1574/76

The town was severely affected by the fire of 1574. 174 houses and 114 stables, about half of the town, were destroyed by fire on July 23, 1574. 14 people lost their lives. A drunken and impudent maid of the town clerk Daniel Gugelberg was blamed as the cause [6]. On 21.10.1576 53 houses were destroyed by an arson. The perpetrator, Captain Stör, was executed two years later. However, donations and loans from all over the Confederation enabled a rapid reconstruction.[7][8][9] The old town houses, newly built or rebuilt after the town fires of 1574 and 1576, are usually still characterized by the Gothic, or late Gothic, style.

Impressum und rechtliche Hinweise


Pen and ink drawing of the Chur city fire of 1574 (Wick news collection in the ZB Zurich)