Gili Köhl (~1556-~1620) - tanner

Gili Köhl, like his father Julius (Gili), practiced the profession of white tanner, also called Ircher, which derives from the craft of white tanning, a specialized form of tanning. Such tanneries were already practiced at that time along the mill streams of Chur, especially in the area of the Sands, outside the city walls. He seems to have been quite successful as a tanner, probably with his own tannery. He left a house with land in the Sand to his descendants.

Children of Gili Köhl:

  1. Köhl Gili (1576-1665), 3 Children
  2. Köhl Agatha (1579-†)
  3. Köhl Joos (1580-†)
  4. Köhl Andreas (1590-†~1591), died shortly after birth
  5. Köhl Andreas (1592-†)
  6. Köhl Christian (1595-†)

1620 the contract of the heirs of Gili Köhlen

Like his father, Gili Köhl (~1556-†1620) practiced the profession of a tanner. After his death, his heirs sold on 23.4.1620 to the master Valentin Davaser and his wife Christina land together with the surrounding area and the associated house on the sand. The property was subject to interest to the city and the hospital (no amount is mentioned). Neighbors at that time were among others the municipal "Palliermüli" as well as a vineyard of the city president. The 2200m2 property was located between the Plessur and the road to Maladers.

This well-preserved sales contract is 400 years old and a first testimony of the rise of Köhl. Gili leased this land from the city of Chur during his lifetime. The heirs might have been his sons Gili, Andreas and Christian, since at that time possessions were mostly inherited by the male tribe. They were able to sell the house and land for 1000 Chur florins.[10]

Impressum und rechtliche Hinweise

Wife: unknown
Chirdren: 6
Occupation: Tanner

Ancestor line

  1. Julius de Rogister
  2. Gili Köl


Bild des original Dokuments (StAC, A I/1.62.03)


10: Kaufvertrag der Erben des Gili Köhlen vom 23.04.1620, Erben Gili Kölen, 1620, StAC A I/1.62.03