House zu den drei Spielleuten

In 1797 Johann Jakob Köhl bought an apartment in the house at Casinoplatz 1 from the Stadtholder Johannes Wassali. In the following years he systematically bought up other parts of the house. On the facade of the house he also placed the coat of arms of the von Köhl family, which is clearly visible. This is still displayed there today.

The property was inhabited by various members of the family over the coming centuries:[34]

  • Owner 1800: Councillor Johann Jakob von Köhl (1763-†1826)
  • Owner 1827: Colonel Sebastian von Köhl, (1793-†1857)
  • Owner 1857: Widow Margreth Köhl-Zinsli
  • Owner 1880: Captain Köhl Arnold Bernhard Simeon
  • Owner 1895: Captain Köhl Arnold Bernhard Simeon sel. heirs
  • Owner 1913: Widow Hulda Leuch-Köhl
  • Owner 1937: Köhl Arnold sel. heirs
Casinoplatz 1-2020.jpg

Property near Casinoplatz (picture archive Markus Köhl)

Wappen am Wohnhaus der Köhl's am Casinoplatz 1 Chur

This house still adorns the coat of arms of the Köhl family (picture archive Markus Köhl)


34: Chur 1893, Ulf Wendler, 2010, Stadtarchiv Chur

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