Johann Jakob von Köhl (1763-†1826) - councilman of Chur

Son of Sebastian von Köhl (1734-†1781). Johann Jakob von Köhl was a wealthy citizen and member of the blacksmith guild. In 1787 he married Menga Birtsch (1762-†1830), a native of Haldenstein[3]. On the one hand, bookbinder is given several times as profession, in the tax books after 1805 "Wirth" is also given as profession.

In 1787 he rose to the position of Seckelmeister and held this office for 3 years. In 1796 he was appointed head guild master. Johann Jakob was also active as an officer. Thus, in 1789, he is listed as a sub-lieutenant of the 3rd Infantry Company of Chur[70] and was promoted to lieutenant in the same year. On March 6, 1799, General André Masséna and the Armée d'Helvétie had attacked the Free State of the Three Leagues and completely occupied it within a few days. On March 11, 1799, a few days later, Chief of General Staff Rheinwald informed the Helvetic Directorate that 25 inhabitants of Chur, as "enemies of the French and members of that party who had surrendered their fatherland to the Austrians", had been arrested the previous night and were being led to the fortress of Aarburg.

"Transport list of deportees who arrived in Aarburg on March 19, 1799: Captain Johann Jakob Köhl, Chur, 36 years old, Reformed, married, 3 children" Johann Jakob Köhl was taken as a hostage to Salins by the French and released home in June 1800.[71]

Despite the political change, he managed to take political office again. In 1808, he was appointed city captain and was a long-time member of the small city council of Chur as a councilman. In 1820, he then took a well-deserved retirement and died in Chur at the age of 63.

Children of Johann Jakob von Köhl with Menga Birtsch:

  1. Köhl Elisabeth (1788-†)
  2. Köhl Menga (1790-†1838), childless
  3. Sebastian von Köhl, (1793-†1857), colonel and town bailiff
  4. Köhl Anna Elisabeth (1797-†1869) married Jsrael Fifel in 1826, 7 children. Her husband seems to have embezzled all the money in 1833 and bankruptcy resulted. 1845 Jsrael Fifel died
  5. von Köhl Margreth, (1799-†), married in 1825 to Councilor Christian Mengelt. 1 daughter, Domenika Mengelt (1826-†).
  6. Köhl Johann Jacob (1801-†1840), died in a fall at age 39, no children.
  7. Köhl Menga (1804-†1805), died shortly after birth.

The only son with descendants was Colonel Sebastian von Köhl (1793-†1857).

Wife: Menga Birtsch
Children: 7
Profession: Councilman
Guild: Blacksmith guild


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Copie of the letter of arms from 1816

In 1816 Johann Jakob, presumably for his son Sebastian Köhl (19), had an elaborate copy made of the armorial charter of 1684. The document was certified by the city chancellery on November 2, 1816. As in the original, the colored representation of the coat of arms (16.5 x 16 cm) is placed centrally. The text written in calligraphy in the style of the 17th century, the document rolled. The document probably comes from the estate of Hulda Leuch-Köhl.

Properties of Johan Jakob von Köhl

Johann Jakob inherited a large fortune from his father and skillfully managed and increased it. In addition to various plots of land, he also acquired several buildings such as the Haus zu den drei Spielleuten, which was to become the family residence for several generations, as well as the Köhlsche Büchel.

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