Koehl in the USA

Descendants of the Köhls in America

Due to an entry in the books of the guardianship authority I came across a Koehl family in Indiana. After further research I could assign a complete family branch to one of the Chur Köhls, descending from the tanner family of Anthoni Köhl, a grandson of Bernhard von Köhl. Another branch of the family of this Peter Köhl's half-brother also emigrated to Indianapolis and settled there....  The story is included in the new chapter "Peter Köhl (1842-1890) - The Emigrant" - so the Köhl family tree has been extended by a few people....

Letter from Simeon Köhl

In the city archives I could take a look at 2 personal letters which master blacksmith Simeon wrote to the city administration before he fled to America. These letters give further insight into his actions and thoughts in 1842.

Isak Köhl, a tanner, also applied for the same position.

Martin von Cleric

The name Cleric often appears in connection with Mayor Bernhard Köhl. Therefore I dug a little deeper and discovered some interesting facts. Martin von Cleric, influential citizen and mayor from 1662-1668, seems to have been an important patron of Bernhard. Bernhard was friends with his son Martin von Cleric and together with him he climbed the highest offices. The latter's brother, Stadthauptmann Bernhard von Cleric, then married Bernhard's daughter, Sybilla. So the von Clerics were closely connected. I have included these connections in the chapter on Bernhard.

Pictures of the Metzgmühle in Chur

The city archive has found some old pictures. One of them shows the old Metzgmühle. Here lived the gatekeeper Peter Köhl and his son Bernhard.

House at Martinsplatz 4

I could now find more clues about this house. Bernhard Köhl acquired parts of this house around 1650 and ran his business in it. He also used this as his home. In 1733 a part of it was owned by Dr. Joseph Köhl as well as 2 other descendants of Bernhard. After his death, the dwelling passed to the Laurer-Köhl family. Johannes Laurer sold this part in 1763. I could now also find a picture of the house from 1950. The house was torn down shortly after and had to make way for a hideous new Domenig building (City-Hotel).

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