Residence of the head guild master Bernhard von Köhl

Until now it was not known where our ancestor had lived with his family. Now I could determine the location. The Köhl-Janett family lived from 1729 to 1737 in the house at the Pfisterbrunnen, which had been bought by Mayor Bernhard von Köhl from his uncle Joseph Köhl in 1650. In 1737, after the death of Salome Janett's father, the family moved to the house at Storchengasse 17, also called Haus Carolina. In this house probably also our ancestor, Simeon Köhl, was conceived in 1759.

However, Storchengasse was to play a role in the history of the Köhl family even later: From 1893-1909 Christian Köhl, grandson of Simeon Köhl, lived with his family directly opposite at Storchengassen 18. His sons Peter and Christian, our direct ancestors, also lived there. In the Carolina house the famous artist HR Giger was born in 1940. Then in 1942 Hans Köhl was to live here for a short time.

Bernhard von Köhl (1693-†1762) - captain & head guild master

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