Lost chronicle discovered


In search of information about the 30 grandchildren of the mayor (Laurer, Terz, Margadant, Cleric, Reidt, Walser), I was able to find in an estate of the Terz family a document of a Johann Anton Terz, who had created an accounting book. The book was discovered only in 2017 by the city archivist Wendler in an antiquarian bookshop and purchased by him.

While leafing through it, I discovered that the author was in fact a grandson of Mayor Köhl. He had been the guild clerk of the shoemakers from 1730-1758 and had meticulously written down notes in this book for 35 years. About weddings, baptisms, funerals, promotions or special events in his life and in Chur. I quickly found many interesting entries concerning his relatives. Often he had added personal notes to the occasions. 300 pages full of information concerning the descendants of Mayor Köhl.

It quickly became clear that this find was a chronicle that had been lost for over 140 years. For the family history of the Köhl this chronicle is a stroke of luck. It will take some time to transcribe, evaluate and assign all the entries.

Here is a first contribution to the chronicler Johann Anthoni Terz

Impressum und rechtliche Hinweise