Peter Köhl (1704-†1777) - master blacksmith

Peter was the eldest son of master tanner Antoni and a great-grandson of Mayor Bernhard von Köhl. His baptism was witnessed by virgin Gertrud Cleric, daughter of Mayor Köhl and Ursula Schwarz, ex-wife of caretaker Peter Köhl and stepmother of his father. As the eldest son he received the first name of his grandfather, caretaker Peter Köhl. And he was then to be the only one to pass on the man line. Peter grew up in Araschgen.

Around 1725 he married Maria Meyer and fathered 9 children with her. Among them was Antoni Köhl, who worked as a tanner again and was to continue his grandfather's tannery. However, 5 of the children died in infancy. Peter lived with his family in Araschgen.

His affiliation to the family of Bernhard Köhl can also be seen in the baptism entries of his children: At the birth of his son Antony, Lydia Maria Köhl, daughter of head guild master Bernhard Köhl and thus his cousin is listed, at the birth of his daughter Anna, the baptism witnesses are Joseph Köhl and Anna Katharina Köhl née Mattein (uncle and aunt of Peter), at the birth of son Peter, Salome Köhl-Janett (wife of head guild master Bernhard Köhl), is a baptism witness.

His father tanner Antoni Köhl was guild master of the shoemaker guild with his own tannery. Peter also joined the shoemakers guild in 1725, the year of his marriage[1]. However, 7 years later he joined the blacksmith guild[2] and probably worked as a blacksmith from then on. Presumably he also left his father's business. According to tax books[3] he still lived in Araschgen in 1733, worked as a blacksmith and had no possessions.

Not much more is known about his further life. He does not seem to have aspired to higher offices, nor was he otherwise conspicuous. According to the guild roll he fell to his death in 1777 at the age of 73[2].

Children of Peter Köhl

  1. Anna Köhl (12.8.1725-†11.10.1726 (2)
  2. Anna Köhl (1727-†1780) married.1779 Jakob Koella from Horgen
  3. Jakob Köhl (1729-†1735), died when he was 5 years old
  4. Antoni Köhl (1732-†1735), died when he was 3 years old
  5. Maria Köhl (1734-†7.5.1740), deceased at 6 years of age
  6. Magdalena Köhl (1736-†) married 1768 with Caspar Weidmann of Winterthur, 2 children
  7. Peter Köhl (1739-†1740), died when he was 2 years old
  8. Peter Köhl, master craftsman (5.7.1741-†), married 1760 to Salome Felix (1715-†1767), 1771 Elisabeth Rig (-†4.5.1795), 4 children, including table maker Bartholome Köhl. Mannline subsequently dies out.
  9. Köhl Antoni (1744-†1800), master tanner, married 28.3.1762 to Katharina Schwarz, 1774 to Anna Adank (1733-†1788) and 1789 to Maria Plattner (1761-†1810). Total of 4 children, including master tanner Antoni Köhl and master butcher Peter Köhl.

Wife: Maria Meyer
Children: 8
Profession: blacksmith
Guild: Blacksmith guild


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