Köhl de Rogister from Chur

For almost 500 years, the name Köhl has been associated with the city of Chur. But where did these Köhls originally come from? How did the name Köhl originate? And how did this family shape the history of Chur?

This chronicle takes you on a journey through the history of the Köhl family, which has its origins in the 16th century with Julius de Rogister. It also gives an insight into the life of the citizens of Chur in different eras, how the city of Chur has changed over the centuries and what influence the members of this family had on the development of the city.

Abschrift Wappenbrief 1816


New biography on Martha Köhl-Margadant

Martha Köhl was married twice and died early at the birth of her child. Bernhard Köhl took in the orphans and took care of them.

New biography on Emeritha Köhl-Reidt

Emeritha, second oldest daughter of mayor Bernhard von Köhl, followed the advice of her parents and married Georg Reidt around 1666

New biography on Joseph Köhl

Joseph Köhl was the youngest son of the mayor Bernhard von Köhl. After his death, Joseph took over the administration of the Köhl property.

New biography on Gerthrut Köhl, daughter of the mayor

Gerthrut Köhl married the Chur merchant Georg Laurer in 1692. Their descendants were to occupy many important offices in the city of Chur and come to great prosperity.

New biography on Anna Catharina Köhl, youngest daughter of the mayor

Gerthrut Köhl married late and had no descendants….

New biography on Elsbeth Köhl, daughter of the mayor

Elsbeth had married David Terz with the consent of her parents and had a blessed marriage. She lived with her family in the Weisse Ochsen on Ochsenplatz.

New writing by Bernhard Köhl discovered

In the Episcopal Archives a letter from Bernhard Köhl, written on April 8, 1666, could be found.

Article about Bernhard Köhl published

The Bündner Monatsblatt has published in its latest edition an article about the mayor Bernhard von Köhl.

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