New biography on Martha Köhl-Margadant

31.10.2023 / koma

Martha Köhl was married twice and died early at the birth of her child. Bernhard Köhl took in the orphans and took care of them.

New biography on Emeritha Köhl-Reidt

31.10.2023 / koma

Emeritha, second oldest daughter of mayor Bernhard von Köhl, followed the advice of her parents and married Georg Reidt around 1666

New biography on Joseph Köhl

29.10.2023 / koma

Joseph Köhl was the youngest son of the mayor Bernhard von Köhl. After his death, Joseph took over the administration of the Köhl property.

New biography on Gerthrut Köhl, daughter of the mayor

26.10.2023 / koma

Gerthrut Köhl married the Chur merchant Georg Laurer in 1692. Their descendants were to occupy many important offices in the city of Chur and come to great prosperity.

New biography on Anna Catharina Köhl, youngest daughter of the mayor

26.10.2023 / koma

Gerthrut Köhl married late and had no descendants….

New biography on Elsbeth Köhl, daughter of the mayor

18.10.2023 / koma

Elsbeth had married David Terz with the consent of her parents and had a blessed marriage. She lived with her family in the Weisse Ochsen on Ochsenplatz.

New writing by Bernhard Köhl discovered

11.10.2023 / koma

In the Episcopal Archives a letter from Bernhard Köhl, written on April 8, 1666, could be found.

Article about Bernhard Köhl published

21.06.2023 / koma

The Bündner Monatsblatt has published in its latest edition an article about the mayor Bernhard von Köhl.

Origin of Anna von Wald decoded

09.03.2023 / koma

Until now almost nothing was known about Anna Wald. Now her family could be found in Chur

Lost chronicle discovered

09.03.2023 / koma

A chronicle lost for more than 140 years discovered by chance in the Chur city archives.

Residence of the head guild master Bernhard von Köhl

06.01.2023 / koma

The places of residence of the Köhl-Janett family could be determined

New biography on Peter Köhl, son of the mayor

22.12.2022 / koma

Peter was a pious and capable child. Some things about his life were unclear and confused. With new clues, his life could now be traced in more detail

The confectioners of Pontresina

13.11.2022 / koma

Several families from Pontresina have founded the hotel business in Pontresina with their assets acquired abroad. Relatives of the Köhl family were significantly involved in this.

Family of Peter Köhl, confectioner in Vilnius

01.11.2022 / koma

Letters between the Köhl family and Peter Johann Jenny provide a unique insight into the life of the family.

New page coat of arms letter Köhl

29.09.2022 / koma

In 1684 Bernhard Köhl and his heirs were raised to nobility. The original document and 2 copies of it have been preserved.

Place of death of Simeon Köhl discovered

19.07.2022 / koma

Until now almost nothing was known about the last years of the life of the relative Simeon. In the church books of Jenins an entry about his death could now be found. This means that Simeon spent the last years of his life with his daughter Anna on the Hinterwaldehof in Jenins and also died there. Since no entries could be found in Chur, Simeon was buried in Jenins.

Simeon Köhl (1760-†1845) - the illegitimate

Descendants of Köhl discovered in the USA

23.05.2022 / koma

New findings Simeon Köhl, relative
New findings about the family of the emigrant Peter Köhl
Grave monuments Daleu cemetery
Another family member of the carpenter Christian Köhl discovered
Contact Bruesch family USA

New biographies added

01.05.2022 / koma

Details about the emigrant Peter Köhl
New biographies of Walter, Hans and Christian Köhl

Downfall of the von Köhl

21.04.2022 / koma

The analysis of the protocols of the guardianship authority has revealed new details about the history of the family of Colonel Sebastian von Köhl.

Journey of Christian Köhl to the USA

11.04.2022 / koma

New background details to the emigration and journey to Iowa by Christian Köhl.

New images found

07.04.2022 / koma

Picture of carpenter Christian Köhl
Picture of Rosa Köhl-Stemmer

Koehl in the USA

16.03.2022 / koma

Descendants of the Köhls in America
Letter from Simeon Köhl
Martin from Cleric
Pictures of the Metzgmühle in Chur
House at Martinsplatz 4

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