Köhl's Chronicle

In 1550, the first Köhl came to Chur and became a citizen of this town. Since then, many descendants of the first Köhl have been born. Today, no Köhl lives in Chur any more. But descendants still live in the canton of Graubünden, in Switzerland, but also in the USA. Many of them still bear the Köhl name.

Since 2018, the history of the Köhl family has been researched anew. The results of this research have led to various publications and events. These will be briefly described here.


1: Bündner Monatsblatt. 2023|2 Chur: Gammeter Media


Chronicle of the Köhl family, called de Rogister, citizens of Chur

For almost 500 years, the name Köhl has been associated with the town of Chur. But where did these Köhls come from? Why did they come to Chur? How did the name Köhl come about? And how did this family shape the history of Chur?

The story of the Köhl family is told over 300 pages. In biographies, some of which are extensive, various people are described and placed in the context of their respective times.

This chronicle is available online here. A printed version will also be available from 2024.


Chronik Familie Köhl (Bildarchiv Markus Köhl)

Publikation Bündner Monatsblatt 2023|2

In 1922, city archivist Fritz Jecklin published excerpts from Bernhard's will - A century later, another tribute to his work, and (almost) exactly on the 400th birthday, has now been published. In its latest issue (2023|2), the Bündner Monatsblatt has published an article on the mayor Bernhard von Köhl. His life and work are described in detail on 20 pages. Copies of the Bündner Monatsbatt can be ordered here:


2 (Bildarchiv Markus Köhl)
2 S29ff (Bildarchiv Markus Köhl)

Familienarchiv Köhl

In 2022, the City Archives of Chur opened the family archive of the Köhl family with the number N261. A wide variety of documents, pictures and results of previous research such as family trees, transcriptions and curricula vitae can be found in this family archive. Some of the documents are publicly accessible, others can only be viewed with conditions.

Stadtarchiv Chur.jpeg

Photo Caspar, Stadtarchiv Chur

Guided city tour 23.8.23

In recent years, many exciting stories about the Köhl family and their connection to the city of Chur have been collected. Connected to this are of course also the places where these Köhls lived and worked.

On Saturday 26 August 2023, a guided tour will take place in Chur.

We will visit various historical sites in Chur and learn what happened there long ago. It will be an exciting journey through Chur and the centuries! Duration: from 10 a.m. to approx. 3 p.m., interrupted by a culinary side trip. The guided tour is free of charge.

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