Anna Katharina Köhl-Mattli (1667–†1748) – The brave

Anna Katharina was the last born child of the mayor Köhl. At her birth, her oldest sister was already 21 years old. Like her siblings, Anna Katharina received a good education and grew up sheltered by her parents and siblings in the Paradise House. Her father described her as a capable and God-fearing child who helped her mother in the household.

As her mother grew older, she took on more and more tasks in the Köhl household and cooked for the whole family. When her mother fell ill, she cared for her until her death. She also took over the care of her two nephews, Bernhart and Hartmann Margadant, who were taken into the Köhl household after the death of their father. She probably also cared for her father until his death. After his death she remained unmarried. Her brother Joseph became her guardian and supported his sister, as her father had ordered in his will. She is very often listed as a baptismal witness of her siblings' children, but had no children of her own. Then in 1708 and 1709 her two nephews Bernhart and Hartmann married, and first grandnephews were born.

In August 1726 Anna Katharina was called Frau Hauptmännin for the first time. Her husband was the Hintersässe Hauptmann Christian Mattli (1660-†1735). There is no marriage entry in the church records.

Mattli had previously been married to Katharina Walser. However, their 3 children died shortly after birth, as did his wife. A few years after the death of his family he married the 59 year old Anna Katharina. Also, Mattli is listed as one of the co-heirs of Bernhard's estate in the 1728 tax roll. Mattli lived with Anna Katharina in Haus Pfisterei, right by the Upper Gate next to her sister Elisabeth's house. The two sisters must have been very close. Mattli died 9 years later and Anna Katharina continued to live in Haus zur Pfisterei after the death of her husband. Anna Katharina died at the age of 81 in her house near the Ochsenbrunnen.

In 1757, Captain Christian Mattli, who may have inherited the house share from his namesake Christian Mattli, sold the house to guild master Johann Bavier.

Husband: Christian Mattli
Children: None
Occupation: Housewife

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Hauptmann Christian Mattli (StAGR FR-A SpIII/14x-146)


16: Testament des Bernhard Köhl, Bernhard Köhl, 1690, StAGR B2125/3

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