Gerthrut Köhl-Laurer (1665–†1712)

Gerthrut Köhl married in 1692 the Chur merchant Georg Laurer (1667-†1724), son of Jeremias Laurer and Anna Heim, and a grandson of the respected and wealthy judge Jeremias Lurer, who was a member of the Court of Profects and from 1647-1654 and 1664-1671 a member of the Chur City Court. Bernhard von Köhl must certainly have held his protective hand over this marriage and described the marriage with Georg Laurer as "well given". The couple had eight children, five of whom reached adulthood. Gerthrut died at the age of 48 and did not live to see the birth of her first grandchild. Her children and grandchildren were to go far in Chur, becoming priests, head guildmasters, councilmen, town aldermen, judges and one even mayor.

Children of Gerthrut Köhl and Georg Laurer:

  1. Anna Laurer (1692-†1767) ∞1730 Podestà Pietro Guiseppe Padilatti of Poschiavo. Nothing is known about descendants.
  2. Bernhardt Laurer (1693-†1694), died in his 2nd year.
  3. Bernhard Georg Laurer (1695-†1765) studied theology and was admitted to the synod in 1718. From 1723 he was teacher and Praeceptor I/II Latin Class. at the Collegium philosophicum. ∞ Salome Fischer (1703-†1773) His grandson Florian Laurer (1763-†1829) served almost continuously as a councillor from 1813 to the mid-twenties, many years of which together with his brother head guildmaster Alexander Laurer (1769-†1843) and Johann Jakob von Köhl (1763-†1826) - councillor of Chur. [5] Alexander's son, judge Anton Laurer (1803-†1872), was then a member of the town court for many years, together with Sebastian von Köhl (1793-†1857) - colonel and town bailiff.
  4. Jeremias Laurer (1700-†1761) ∞ Barbara Anna Davaz (1693-†1756). He was guild master in 1731 and was appointed head guild master in 1760. His son and Gerthrut's grandson Johann Laurer (1727-†1813) reached the highest offices, was alderman in 1785, town mayor in 1787, then profect judge, town judge and town bailiff. In 1799, in the absence of one (deportations), he was designated as a dormant mayor.
  5. Gertrud Laurer (1698-†1702), died in the 2nd year of life.
  6. Jörg Laurer (1701-†1708), died in the 5th year of life.
  7. Gertrud Laurer (1705-†>1752) ∞1752 Maximillan Vedrosi.
  8. Sibylla Laurer (1707-†1738) ∞1736 Johann Ulrich Rechsteiner (1694-†1779).

Several portrait paintings by the descendants of Gerthrut Köhl-Laurer have been preserved in the Rhaetian Museum.

Husband: Georg Laurer
Children: 8
Occupation: Housewife

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1730-Anna Laurer H1979.390.1.jpg
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