Martha Köhl-Margadant (1646–†1685)

Martha was the eldest daughter of Bernhard Köhl. She grieved her parents because she secretly became engaged to Johannes Plank (1642-†1684) without their consent. Johannes had previously been married to Eva Pellizari. The couple had a daughter, but she died in childbirth. Johannes Plank separated from his wife and was in a legal dispute with her brother, Podestà Florian Pellizari. Also, in 1664 Johannes had already fathered an illegitimate child with a Cathrina Spiegelberger. Understandably, Martha's parents were concerned that their daughter wanted to marry this Johannes Plank. Nevertheless, they did not prevent the marriage. However, the father agreed to the marriage only with the condition that a marriage contract had to be drawn up. He also did not pay his daughter a dowry. She was to receive these 1000 gulden only when her husband had proven himself to be a faithful and hardworking husband.

Thus the couple married around 1670, and Johannes Plank strove to meet the expectations of his father-in-law, which Bernhard Köhl noted with approval: "[.... I confess that since the wedding he has stayed at home and waited for the house to be ready, so that he can proceed and do his part, I am determined, after he has made his legal deal with Mr. Pelizari at a port, not to hold back the door to his home, but to let him go like other daughter males". In 1673 daughter Gertrud was born, but she died in her second year. In 1674 another daughter named Salome was born, who also died as a child. Bernhard paid the dowry, but this marriage finally failed. So it came to divorce before 1768 and his daughter was left without money.

Children Martha Köhl and Christian Margadant:

  1. Gertrud Plank (1673–†1674) died in the 1st year of life.
  2. Salome Plank (1674–†vor 1685), presumably died at birth.

The 2nd marriage with Christian Margadant

The father took his daughter back into his house. In 1679, Martha married, this time with the consent of her parents, Christian Margadant (1652-†1695), a field shepherd from Davos. Her father was pleased with this choice: "the true man is a great friend of the land, but he is not a burgher, he has a good mind, he has lived honestly "1 The couple had four children. However, two daughters named Gertrud died shortly after birth. Martha died after the birth of her last child at the age of 38, leaving her husband with the two little boys. Christian Margadant, who was too fond of wine and tobacco[6], died ten years later. Since the Margadant family did not want to take care of the boys, Bernhard took in his two grandsons Hartmann and Bernhart. The sister Anna Katharina probably also took care of the two boys after Martha's death. After Bernhard's death, Martha's brother Peter took over the guardianship.

Children Martha Köhl and Christian Margadant:

  1. Bernhart Margadant (1679-†1760) ∞22.2.1708 Elisabeth Vicenoni (1676-†1762), 4 children. 2 daughters reached adulthood and married.
  2. Gertrudt Margadant (1681-†1684) died in her 3rd year.
  3. Hartmann Margadant (1682-†before 1726) ∞1709 Susanna Reidt (1681-†1753), 3 children. All died in the first years of life.
  4. Gertrudt Margadant (1685-†1685) died shortly after birth.

The Köhl family continued to hold their protective hand over the two orphans. At the baptism of their children, several of their uncles, aunts, cousins were always present as witnesses.


Husband: Johannes Plank, Christian Margadant
Children: 6
Occupation: Housewife


16: Testament des Bernhard Köhl, Bernhard Köhl, 1690, StAGR B2125/3

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