Sibilla Köhl-Cleric (1651–†1723)

Sibilla Köhl married Bernhard von Cleric (1618-†1691), pharmacist and city captain, 33 years her senior, around 1670, when she was only 19 years old. Bernhard von Cleric was the brother of Martin von Cleric, a close friend of their father, and son of the wealthy and influential mayor Martin von Cleric and Appolonia Pitsch. Bernhard von Cleric had previously been married to Dorothea Sprecher von Bernegg. His first wife, however, died in 1662 without any descendants.

Sibilla was more fortunate with her choice than her sisters, even though she became a widow at the age of 40 and had to raise the 5 children alone. Since her husband had been very wealthy, she had no financial worries. Her children all received a good education and later held important offices in the city of Chur.

Children of Sibilla Köhl and Bernhard von Cleric:

  1. Martin Cleric (1671-†1724), Dr. med. pharmacist, ∞ Elisabeth von Bavier. After the early death of his first wife ∞ Anna Paula Enderlin von Montzwick, a scion of the Maienfeld noble family. From these two marriages came four children, some of whom in turn held important offices in the city of Chur.
  2. Gertrud Cleric (1672-†before 1680) died at a young age.
    Bernhard Cleric (16.-†17.), Dr. med. Padua. He appears to have died without descendants.
  3. Gertrud Cleric (1680-†after 1733). She does not appear to have married.
  4. Antoni Cleric (1680-†1745), Dr med, head guild master, councilor. ∞ Judith Buol2. Antoni's son Stefan Cleric (1725-†1799), like his grandfather, reached the highest Chur city office and was mayor of Chur from 1767-1785.
  5. Appolonia Cleric (1686-†1739) ∞ priest Franziscus Meier (1688-1752), the later decan and antistes of St. Martin.

Husband: Bernhard von Cleric
Children: 6
Occupation: Housewife


16: Testament des Bernhard Köhl, Bernhard Köhl, 1690, StAGR B2125/3


Bürgermeister Stefan Cleric 1725–†1799 (1775, StAC)

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