Eva Köhl-Jüst (1883-†1955) – Hoteliere

Eva Köhl, married in 1926 to Martin Jüst (1875-†1930).
Daughter of Christian Köhl-Riedi (1837-†1922).

Eva Köhl was born in the house "zur Turteltaube" at Rabengasse 10 and spent her youth in Chur. She worked in the hotel business and lived seasonally outside of Chur. In between she lived with her father Christian and cared for him until his death in 1922. In 1926, at the age of 43, she married Martin Jüst, coal supplier and carriage/sled transport in St. Moritz.  Martin Jüst came to St. Moritz in 1902, where he soon joined the cartage business of Mr. Martin Conrad and soon became his first support. After the construction of the Suvretta House, he transferred his activity to the new cartage business under the firm of Conrad & Jüst, which passed completely into his hands after Conrad's death. Eva supported her husband in his business and also worked as a hotel employee in St. Moritz. An insidious, serious illness seized Martin in the winter of 1929, weakening him so much that he decided to sell his flourishing business and retire to private life. In July 1930, after only 4 years of marriage, Martin Jüst died in St. Moritz. The couple had no children.

Husband: Martin Jüst
Children: None
Profession: Hotelier


Return to Chur

After her husband's death, she returned to Chur and used her husband's inheritance to buy the house at Bondastrasse 41 in Lürlibad. Her sister Elisabeth had already lived in this house for several years, which is only a few meters away from the house in which she had lived with her father for many years. The two sisters were often visited by the children of their brothers Christian and Peter and later by their children. After the death of her sister she lived alone in her house and died in winter 1953 as a widow.

The inheritance at her death was rather controversial. One heir in particular, Chief Forester Killias from Chur, did not agree to any solution. Hans Killias was the husband of Maria Köhl, a sister of Eva. The property was finally auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds distributed among the many beneficiaries.

Kurt and Christian Köhl still have many good memories of Aunt Eva and the house in Lürlibad. Especially the cherry tree in the garden was a favorite place to visit.

Bondastrasse 41-2021-2.jpg

Wohnhaus an der Bondastrasse 14 in Chur. Hier wohnte Eva von 1930-1953 (Bildarchiv Markus Köhl))

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