Bernhart Köhl (1661-†~1727) – the pastor

Bernhart Köhl grew up on Pfistergasse in the Pfisterhaus. His wealthy father, Mayor Köhl, provided him with a good education. Bernhard studied theology V.D.M. (Verbi Divini Minister) and was admitted to the Protestant Rhaetian Synod in Küblis on June 11, 1683. Around 1692 he married Anna Dorothea Gaudenz, daughter of the decan Christian Gaudenz. With her he fathered 2 children.

His proud father mentioned him in his will on February 1, 1695: "this one has studied theology for the pulpit, serves God with beautiful gifts and honest good life, is pastor of the dominion of Haldenstein. He is married to Maria Dorothea, the daughter of the venerable Decan Christen Gaudenz, and has held a wedding at Tanz in his brother-in-law's rectory. I was present at this wedding myself, with my son Dr. Joseph, with 2 daughters, with 2 sons-in-law and 2 grandchildren. Everything went off in a joyful and decent way. He has a two-year-old son named Bernhard. To whom God bless everything."[16]

His father also mentioned that his son lived with his wife and 2-year-old Bernhard in the Prixinerhaus for rent. As a dowry, his father had given him 1000 gulden and a tree garden in the sand.

Children of Bernhart Köhl with Anna Dorothea Gaudenz:

  • Bernhard von Köhl (1693-†1762) - captain & head guild master.
  • Köhl Lydia Maria (1695-†), married in her first marriage Johann Ulrich von Bavier (1685-†1733), a city councilor of Chur, who was descended from the influential noble family of Chur von Bavier and was the son of guild master Anton von Bavier and grandson of the mayor of Chur Johann von Bavier (1638-†1652). The couple had 2 children, but both died in infancy. Around 1737 she married the Chur N. N. Reidt.[3] Whether the couple had children is not known, but seems rather unlikely.

His wife Anna Dorothea died in 1696, leaving Pastor Köhl with the two small children. There is no indication that Bernhard married again afterwards.

From 1684-1687 and 1691-1705 he was pastor in Haldenstein. For many years after his departure he asked the parish bailiff Peter Walser for payment of the outstanding salary of 200 gulden [41]. Then from 1706, presumably until his death in 1727, he was pastor in the Reformed church of Untervaz.

In 1716 Bernhart is mentioned in several letters. Town clerk Bernhard Cleric, a cousin of Bernhart, asks him to mediate in the dispute of the heirs of Madlena Bernett. One of the heirs was Antoni Köhl, son of Peter Köhl and Madlena Bernett. Apparently there were 2 different wills and Bernhart was supposed to negotiate a solution with the heirs on behalf of the City Council.[42]

To mention is one more findings here, which can still be admired today. Anna Marie Köhl, Bernhart's sister, donated a baptismal font for the church of Untervaz in 1721. His sister Catharina also donated a silver supper cup.

Bernhart had only 1 son, but he was to return to Chur and produce a new generation of ministers. Bernhart was buried in Untervaz. One of the grave slabs right at the entrance to the burial ground is said to be dedicated to him.

Impressum und rechtliche Hinweise

Wife: Anna Dorothea Gaudenz
Children: 2
Occupation: Pastor
Guild: Schuhmacherzunft

1721-Taufstein Anna Maria Köhl.jpg

Baptismal font in the church of Untervaz (Gemeindearchiv Untervaz 57, Doc. 4 / 5 Ev. Archiv)

Grabplatten Untervaz-2022.jpg

Gravestones on the side wall of the reformed church Untervaz (picture archive Markus Köhl)

Ancestor line

  1. Julius de Rogister
  2. Arnold Köl, Obristrichter
  3. Peter Köhl, Gatekeeper
  4. Bernhard von Köhl, Mayor
  5. Bernhart Köhl


  • Bernhard von Köhl, head guild master


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