Peter von Köhl (1748-†1794) - ensign & city watchmaster

Peter Köhl, son of Bernhard von Köhl (1693-†1762) - captain & head guildmaster and brother of Sebastian von Köhl (1734-†1781) - the commander, lost his father when he was 14 years old. In 1779 he married Dorothea Busch (1759-†1799) who was 11 years younger.

This marriage produced 6 children:

  1. Köhl Salome (1780-†1780), deceased shortly after birth.
  2. Fortunat Köhl (1782-†)
  3. Bernhard Köhl (1784-†1813), captain and guild master
  4. Hortensia Köhl (1787-†1837), married Peter Conradin von Planta (1742-†1822) in 1812
  5. Salome Köhl (von Rogister, 1791-†1871), married Johann Samuel Coaz (1770-†1855)
  6. Peter Köhl (1794-†).

He kept peace and order in Chur as town constable. As an ensign he was also leader of the town militia. He often had to settle disputes and arrest ruffians. Peter was a family man who even after the early death of his father and mother took care of his siblings and also his half-brother, Simeon Köhl (1760-†1845) - the relative. In gratitude, the latter named his firstborn son, and after his death another son, after him and chose him as godfather of one of his children.

Peter also seems to have been well connected and respected socially. From 1771 he was a member of the Rebleute guild, to which mainly landowners belonged. He probably inherited such property from his father. His two daughters married into highly respected and wealthy families (Coaz and von Planta). Peter died unexpectedly in his 46th year, shortly before the birth of his last son, who was named after him. His wife Dorothea died at the age of only 40, a few years after him, leaving behind several minor children.

Wife: Dorothea Busch
Children: 6
Occupation: Ensign & city watchman
Guild: Rebleute guild

Children of Peter Köhl

Son Bernhard married Anna Dorothea Troll, who died at the birth of the first daughter Anna Dorothea. He married Maria Magdalena Saluz in 1806. She bore him 2 children, but they died early. Bernhard was a member of the Rebleute guild from 1803, became guild master and chief lieutenant in 1807, and was appointed guild captain in 1808.

Daughter Hortensia Köhl married in 1812 Peter Conradin von Planta (1742-†1822), later bailiff of Fürstenau and envoy of the common three confederations to Venice, and resided in the castle of Fürstenau. They had 4 children: Peter Conradin von Planta (1806-†1840), Maria Catharina von Planta (1812-†), Johann Baptista von Planta (1814-†) and Anna Dorothea von Planta (1816-†).

Son Fortunat went to school at the educational institution in Reichenau Castle, which was run by Dr. Heinrich Zschokke. He is listed as one of the students there in 1797[1]. Nothing is known about his further whereabouts, he seems to have left Chur.

Daughter Salome married in 1826 the professional officer Johann Samuel Coaz, Colonel War Commissary and Lieutenant Colonel, formerly Captain in the Swiss Regiment No. 31 in Royal Dutch service (Regiment Colonel Jacob von Sprecher). Coaz was the superior of Salome's CuCousin Sebastian von Köhl (1734-†1781) - the commander during this period. The couple had 3 children: daughter Clara Dorothea (1817-†1882), Peter Samuel (1819-†1880), Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Forest Inspector Dr. Johann Coaz (1822-†1918). Their gravestone still exists, in the Daleufriedhof in Chur (parallel to Oberalpstrasse in the third row, directly behind Coaz's gravestone).

In the estate of Johann Coaz there are still pictures of Salome and Johann Samuel. The two oil paintings are unfortunately lost, the photograph can be found in the estate. These are the oldest illustrations of a Coaz.

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