Antoni Köhl (1744-†1800) - master tanner

Son of blacksmith Peter Köhl (1704-†1777) and Maria Meyer. Antoni grew up in Araschgen. In 1762, at the age of 18, he married Catharina Schwartz (1737-†1803) and had a son with her, Köhl Antoni. He was only 20 years old when his son was born. In 1764 he joined the blacksmith guild, so he probably worked as a blacksmith in Araschgen like his father, blacksmith Peter Köhl.

Child of Antoni Köhl and Catharina Schwartz:

  1. Köhl Antoni (1764-†1844). He married Dorothea Gelb in 1796 and had 8 children with her. His son Isaak Köhl-Killias (1805-†1876) continued his business.

In 1766 he filed a complaint against one Urbanus Camenisch who had beaten him up in Araschgen. He also seems to have inherited his grandfather's tannery and then probably worked as a tanner. Not only professionally there were changes: He separated from his wife Catharina Schwartz and married Anna Adank (1738-†1788) in 1774, with whom he fathered 2 children, but both died in their first year of life.

Children of Antoni Köhl and Anna Adank:

  1. Köhl Peter (1774-†1775)
  2. Köhl Peter (1776-†1776)

Antoni exchanged all inherited properties (house and tannery) in Araschgen for a house on Untere Reichsgasse in 1781 and moved to Chur with his wife Anna and son Antoni (17), who joined the shoemakers guild in 1783 and worked as a tanner. Anna died in 1788.

A year after the death of his wife, Antoni married Maria Plattner (1761-†1810) from Malans, who was 17 years younger and with whom he had another son, Köhl Peter.

In 1798, he and his former wife sold the house on Reichsgasse and a stable near the Storchenbrunnen to his eldest son Antoni, who now lived alone with his wife and two small children in the house on Untere Reichsgasse. Immediately afterwards, he bought an apartment and a stable at the Ziegelhütte on the Mühlbach and moved with his wife Maria and their son Peter (4) into the new apartment on the Mühlbach. At this time he is called a tanner.

Child of Antoni Köhl and Maria Plattner:

  1. Peter Köhl (1794-†1825). He married Catherina Büsch in 1817 and had 4 children with her.

When Werkmeister Antoni Köhl died in 1800 his son Peter was 6 years old. His older son Antoni worked as a tanner in the Köhl tannery near the brickworks.

The widow Maria Plattner-Köhl continued to live with her young child in the house at the Mühlbach and in 1802 married Captain Christian Köhl (1755-†1807), a distant relative of her deceased husband and son of Bernhard von Köhl (1693-†1762). Son Peter may have lived with his mother and stepfather Christian from then on. Maria Plattner died in Chur in 1810.

Wife: Catharina Schwartz, Anna Adank, Maria Plattner
Children: 4
Occupation: Blacksmith/Gerber
Guild: Blacksmith guild


1: Zunftregister StAC Z 27 S.73

2: Kaufprotokolle StAC AB III F12 002 S301

3: Kaufprotokolle StAC AB III F12 003 S47

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